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Professional Development

 The Washington College GIS Program offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities for adults seeking to learn more about geospatial technology. Our workshops can be delivered in-person at your facility or on Washington College campus,or on our online training academy located at

In person, each workshop takes 3 days to complete. You can elect to take an online workshop which takes  approximately 9 weeks to complete. The online workshop meets virtually once a week for an hour to review your materials. This time of this hour is decided among your peers. The workshop will require 4-5 hours of time to work on the materials and prepare for the next lesson. 


Technical support is a  short phone call or video conference away. Please contact us for group discount information.


 These workshops were developed with funding through the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Governor's Office for Crime Control & Prevention, the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11, and the Dover Area School District. Almost all of our materials are accessible if you use the Guest log on option. However, our ArcGIS 10.2 Workshops will require enrollment in order to be accessed. To enroll in our online workshops click here. We encourage you to take a look around and feel free to learn. 

Workshops and Topics Covered



If you like what you see, we encourage you to check out our Facebook page and "like" our program.

Workshop Registration

While you may have guest access to our courses, this guest access does not come with any support.  If you wish to have support while you learn then you will need to sign-up for a course by using the forms supplied below.

A registered student may do the following things that a guest cannot do.

1. You will be able to submit lesson assignments and have these assignments reviewed by a working GIS professional with constructive comments to help you understand how you did.

2. You may receive technical support via phone, email, or through interactive Adobe Connect sessions where we can view your screen and also remotely show you what you may be missing.

3 You will be able to submit your final project, ask for help while you try to master the project requirements, and receive feedback on your final project.

4. You may access the HELP, FAQ, and Forum sections of the site.

5. Upon completion of the course, you will receive formal documentation of your accomplishment. This formal documentation can then be used to show your continuing professional education for certification through the GISP for example.

Online Registration Form      Workshop Flyer (pdf)

All workshops are available to anyone with an interest in Geospatial Technology. 

If interested in any of the workshops please contact Nichole Gillis,

For pricing information on preferred and discounted group and organizational contract rates, please contact Stewart Bruce, GIS Program Coordinator at

Additional Information

Geospatial Workshops by Washington College by Stewart Bruce is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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